Smartsense® Fixed Monitors -An All-In-One Gas Monitoring System.

SSFM-100 – a compact package with exceptional flexibility and dependability for monitoring the surroundings can accommodate up to four integrated gas sensors. A full range temperature compensation is included in this gas monitor, which has high precision. It can monitor any combination of gases thanks to its 360° Alarm® function. As a black box that holds practically all important and crucial data for post-accidental investigations, the SSFM-100 gas monitors come with built-in controlling functions. The Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted Average (TWA) are displayed on additional large LCDs so that it is easier to view the reading from up to 5 meters away. There are three fully programmable set points for alarms and controlling the output. The auto-adjustable backlighting makes it suitable for both subterranean and surface applications. In addition, mountings and connections come in a variety of styles and colors.

If talking about the products, Becker wholesale mine supply has quality-based and specialized products each designed for a specific purpose.

What Are Gas Monitoring Devices?

Any inadequate release of harmful gas vapours in mines may happen without any prior warning. These gas monitoring devices detect the presence of some toxic airborne chemicals and flammable gasses within seconds.

These multi-gas detectors are manufactured in a fixed and portable manner. Portable ones allow miners to keep a check on the atmosphere in confined spaces before entering. This detects any early leakage and gives an early warning about dangerous gasses.

In terms of mine companies, safety is very crucial for their well-being.  That’s why at Becker Wholesale Mine Supply, we offer not only gas monitoring devices but also other specialized equipment designed for mining safety. Our VHF and UHF Leaky Feeder Systems ensure reliable communication in underground mines while our Smartsense® Fixed Monitor provides continuous monitoring of critical areas. With trustworthy and quality-based products, we strive to ensure the safety of those working in the mining industry.

Working at Underground Mining

Well, this is a critical process which aims at extracting valuable minerals and resources from the earth. As mentioned, the process is critical and risky, the mining process involves the excavation of tunnels and shafts. As a result, miners can easily access ore deposits located deep in the ground.

Underground mining – one of the most dangerous and challenging processes, requires special instruments and equipment, specialized techniques, and many safety protocols which are to be followed.

Advantages of having Smartsense®Fixed Monitors

Below are some advantages of installing a Smartsense® Fixed Monitors.

  • Up to 4 various gasses in one compact monitor.
  • Additional analogue and digital inputs.
  • Unique 360° Alarm®.
  • Backlight which is auto-adjustable.
  • Alarm set points are programmable. 
  • Calibration records and Alarm history.


In conclusion, with Smartsense®Fixed Monitors, it has become easy to enhance your safety and productivity. Investing in safety while operating in the mines is the wise choice you can make.

Hence, Becker Wholesale Mine Supply is well-known for its reliability and is a trustworthy manufacturer of transducers which provides excellent performance and durability standards. Contact us today to know more. Once you connect with them, you will never be stuck at any point in time.

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