Tips for Bridal Show Vendors

Businesses in the wedding industry often attend bridal shows and expos to connect with couples who are recently engaged and are looking to find the perfect items for their big day. If you have never attended a bridal show before and are looking for information about how to make the most of your attendance, the following tips should help.

Search for Local Bridal Shows

The good people at SoCal Bridal Show& Expo say that a quick internet search of “bridal shows near me” will provide the information you need regarding local events. It is best to stay local, especially in the beginning, as it means you will not have to travel far for weddings that you have booked.

Make Your Booth Stand Out

To get noticed on the day try to make your bridal show booth stand out. Whatever it is that you sell, you are unlikely to be the only vendor at the show selling that item, so try to get potential clients to come to you first by making your booth look unique. If you are a creative person, there are many ways that you can do this. You can find tips on YouTube with video tutorials of how to decorate a wedding show booth. However, there are experts that you can hire that can take care of this for you.

Clever vendors will ensure that their booth is attractive and comfortable so that brides will want to stop. Comfortable chairs are always appealing, especially for those who have been at the event for a few hours. You might even find that providing some nibbles or a glass of prosecco for guests as you chat with themis the perfect way to ensure they remember you once they are home. 

Provide Free Samples or Giveaways

There is no denying that visitors to bridal shows expect a freebie or two. For example, if you make wedding cakes, it is important to bring samples of your cakes for visitors to try. If you produce invitations, bring samples of your work so that the visitors can see and feel the products. You could also give them a branded pen to take away with them. That way, every time they use the pen they will be reminded of your business. Think of a quirky way to make your literature stand out. Use colorful designs or add information that a bride might not have considered yet, such as tips for surprising guests on the day.

Don’t Go Overboard

It is easy to spend a small fortune on a bridal show, hoping to entice as many customers as possible. While it is clever to make your booth stand out and to provide some freebies, make sure that you do this within your budget. There is no point in spending more than your business can afford, especially if you do not secure any bookings on the day.

Also remember not to take on more clients than you can manage. Although getting bookings is the reason you are attending the bridal show, taking on too many bookings could result in you providing a sub-par service. This would inevitably harm your reputation. Make sure you have a diary with you and only take on bookings that you know you can fulfil.

Follow Up Afterwards

This is something that many bridal show vendors fail to do, and it can be a big reason they lose bookings. Some brides can feel too overwhelmed on the day to actually make any bookings, but after they go away and have time to think they are ready to book. Following up will remind them of why they should choose you.

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