What’s the Best Way to Keep Feet Clean and Odor-Free?

There is nothing worse than smelly feet, especially if you are in company. Just picture it. You are asked to attend a meeting at work with a number of other colleagues and every time you move your feet, you get a foul smell wafting up. You know it is from your shoes and you are just hoping no one else notices.

The nasty smell is caused by a buildup of sweat, which results in the growth of foul-smelling bacteria. What most people do not realize is that the feet produce quite a bit of sweat, having more sweat glands than anywhere else on the body. However, some individuals sweat more than others and those who wear closed shoes all day long, have a medical condition, or are stressed out may be more prone to sweaty feet. The good news is that even if your feet do sweat quite a bit, you can prevent them from becoming smelly. Here’s how:

Clean Your Feet Regularly

If you know that you are prone to sweaty, smelly feet, it is important to wash them regularly. This will typically mean washing them in the morning and in the evening. If you have your shower every morning, your feet will be clean and fresh when you leave for work. However, throughout the day, your feet will be sweating in your shoes, so it is important to take your shoes and socks off when you get home and then give them another wash.

Make sure to use warm water and either a mild soap bar or liquid soap. Rather than just sitting your feet in a bowl or bucket of water, use a sponge or loofah to wash them, making sure to get in between the toes as this is where bacteria tend to build up. Once you have washed your feet, dry them with a towel or allow them to air dry before putting on any socks.

Make sure to keep your toenails trimmed too because dirt and bacteria can build up under the nails.

Change Your Shoes Every Day

You might have a favorite pair of shoes that are comfortable and look good with everything, but avoid wearing the same shoes every single day. If you wear the same shoes every day, you are not giving them the chance to air and dry out. The folks at Shoe Fresh recommend using a shoe odor spray in your shoes to help eliminate bad smells and keep them fresh for up to three months.

Clean Your Shoes

If your shoes are smelly then you can use a shoe spray, but you will need to clean them first. There is no point in using a spray to mask the smell as this will only be a temporary fix. Shoe sprays are best used in clean shoes to prevent odor rather than to get rid of a smell that is already there.

If you have shoes that can be machine washed, you should use a low setting and then allow them to air dry completely before spraying and wearing them again.

If your shoes cannot be washed in the machine, you could try spraying a mix of water and white vinegar inside as this will help to neutralize the smell and get rid of bacteria. Alternatively, a mix of cornstarch, baking powder, and baking soda sprinkled into the shoes should do the trick.  Some people like to add some drops of essential oil into their shoes after twenty-four hours when they have removed the mix.

Keeping your feet and shoes clean will help to minimize any bad smells and stop you stressing at your next meeting.

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