Huw Devonald Discusses The Pros and Cons of Business Travel in 2024

As an entrepreneur deeply immersed in the dynamic world of business, Glasgow-based sales company owner, Huw Devonald, experiences both the joys and challenges that come with frequent travel.

From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, each journey presents a unique opportunity for growth and discovery.

Below, entrepreneur Huw Devonald shares his unique perspective on the positive aspects of travelling for business, while also acknowledging some of the potential drawbacks, and ultimately, why he believes the benefits far outweigh the cons.

The Positive Aspects of Business Travel

Meeting New People and Networking

“One of the most rewarding aspects of business travel is the opportunity to meet new people and expand my network”, says Huw Devonald.

Whether it’s connecting with potential clients, collaborating with industry peers, or simply striking up conversations with fellow travellers, each interaction offers a chance to learn and grow.

Building meaningful relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds not only enriches your professional network but also broadens your perspective and inspires new ideas.

Gaining Perspective and Head Space

“Travelling for business provides me with invaluable headspace away from the day-to-day demands of running a business”, Huw Devonald comments.

Stepping out of a familiar environment allows you to gain fresh perspective, reevaluate priorities, and approach challenges with renewed clarity.

Whether it be brainstorming ideas during a long flight or taking a leisurely stroll through an unfamiliar city, these moments of reflection and solitude are essential for personal and professional growth.

The Challenges of Business Travel

Time Away from Family and Friends

Despite the many rewards of business travel, being away from loved ones can be difficult.

“Missing out on important milestones and cherished moments with family and friends can take a toll emotionally”, Huw Devonald adds.

Maintaining open communication and making the most of technology to stay connected can help to bridge the distance and nurture these important relationships, even when miles apart.

Busy Schedules and Logistics

Navigating busy schedules, managing logistics, and dealing with unexpected delays are all part and parcel of business travel. From early morning flights to late-night meetings, the demands of a packed itinerary can be physically and mentally exhausting.

“I’ve learned to embrace the unpredictability of travel and approach each challenge as an opportunity for growth and adaptation” Huw shares.

Why Huw Devonald Believes the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

While business travel certainly presents its fair share of challenges, I firmly believe that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks”, Huw Devonald notes.

The opportunities for networking, gaining perspective, and exploring new horizons are invaluable for personal and professional development. Although many companies in 2024 are looking to reduce the amount of business-related travel they undertake, it will always remain a necessity. By embracing the positives of business travel and finding ways to mitigate the negatives, many business owners take the opportunity harness the transformative power of travel to drive innovation and success.

Travelling for Business – Is It Worth It?

In conclusion, travelling for business offers a wealth of opportunities for growth, learning, and exploration. While it may come with its fair share of challenges, from time away from loved ones to busy schedules, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

By embracing new experiences, fostering meaningful connections, and maintaining a positive mindset, business travel can provide valuable life experience and shape business owners into more well-rounded and resilient entrepreneurs.

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